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1.  *     By the forenoon (after sun-rise);
2.  *     And by the night when it is still (or darkens);
3.  *     Your Lord (O Muhammad (Peace be upon him)) has neither forsaken you nor hated you.
4.  *     And indeed the Hereafter is better for you than the present (life of this world).
5.  *     And verily, your Lord will give you (all i.e. good) so that you shall be well-pleased.
6.  *     Did He not find you (O Muhammad (Peace be upon him)) an orphan and gave you a refuge?
7.  *     And He found you unaware (of the Quran, its legal laws, and Prophethood, etc.) and guided you?
8.  *     And He found you poor, and made you rich (selfsufficient with selfcontentment, etc.)?
9.  *     Therefore, treat not the orphan with oppression,
10.  *     And repulse not the beggar;
11.  *     And proclaim the Grace of your Lord (i.e. the Prophethood and all other Graces).