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1.  *     Read! In the Name of your Lord, Who has created (all that exists),
2.  *     Has created man from a clot (a piece of thick coagulated blood).
3.  *     Read! And your Lord is the Most Generous,
4.  *     Who has taught (the writing) by the pen (the first person to write was Prophet Idrees (Enoch) ),
5.  *     Has taught man that which he knew not.
6.  *     Nay! Verily, man does transgress all bounds (in disbelief and evil deed, etc.).
7.  *     Because he considers himself self-sufficient.
8.  *     Surely! Unto your Lord is the return.
9.  *     Have you (O Muhammad (Peace be upon him)) seen him (i.e. Aboo Jahl) who prevents,
10.  *     A slave (Muhammad (Peace be upon him)) when he prays?
11.  *     Tell me, if he (Muhammad (Peace be upon him)) is on the guidance (of Allah)?
12.  *     Or enjoins piety?
13.  *     Tell me if he (the disbeliever, Aboo Jahl) denies (the truth, i.e. this Quran), and turns away?
14.  *     Knows he not that Allah does see (what he does)?
15.  *     Nay! If he (Aboo Jahl) ceases not, We will catch him by the forelock,
16.  *     A lying, sinful forelock!
17.  *     Then, let him call upon his council (of helpers),
18.  *     We will call the guards of Hell (to deal with him)!
19.  *     Nay! (O Muhammad (Peace be upon him))! Do not obey him (Aboo Jahl). Fall prostrate and draw near to Allah!