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1.  *     A questioner asked you about the punishment which is bound to happen.[1]
2.  *     It is for  the disbelievers and there is none to avert it.[2]
3.  *     It will come from Allah, the Owner of  the Ways of Ascent.[3]
4.  *     The angels and the Spirit ascend to Him in a Day the  measure of which is fifty thousand years.[4]
5.  *     Therefore, endure with graceful  patience.[5]
6.  *     They see it (Day of Judgment) to be far-off:[6]
7.  *     but We see it quite  near.[7]
8.  *     On that Day, the sky shall become like molten brass[8]
9.  *     and the mountains  like tufts of wool;[9]
10.  *     even a close friend will not ask of his friend,[10]
11.  *     though they will  see each other. To save himself from the punishment of that Day, the culprit  (disbeliever) will wish to give his children,[11]
12.  *     his wife, his brother,[12]
13.  *     his relatives who  gave him shelter -[13]
14.  *     and all that is in the earth, in ransom to save himself.[14]
15.  *     By no means! It will be the fire of hell,[15]
16.  *     eager to pluck out his skull,[16]
17.  *     it will be  calling all those who try to escape and turn their back,[17]
18.  *     who collected wealth and  withheld it.[18]
19.  *     Indeed, man has been created impatient,[19]
20.  *     when evil befalls him,  he becomes despondent;[20]
21.  *     but when blessed with good fortune, he becomes  stingy;[21]
22.  *     with the exception of those who offer the Salah (prayer),[22]
23.  *     remain  steadfast in their Salah (prayer),[23]
24.  *     set aside a due share in their wealth[24]
25.  *     for the  beggars and the deprived,[25]
26.  *     accept the truth of the Day of Judgment,[26]
27.  *     dread the  punishment of their Lord[27]
28.  *     - for none is secure from the punishment of their Lord  [28]
29.  *     and guard their private parts,[29]
30.  *     except from their wives and those whom their  right hands possess, for in their case they are not blameworthy.[30]
31.  *     As for those who  seek to go beyond this, they are transgressors.[31]
32.  *     Those who keep their trusts and  honor their promises,[32]
33.  *     who stand firm in their testimonies[33]
34.  *     and strictly guard  their Salah (prayers).[34]
35.  *     It is they who shall live with honor in paradise.[35]
36.  *     What is the matter with the disbelievers that they are rushing towards you,[36]
37.  *     from  the right and from the left, in groups?[37]
38.  *     Are they each seeking to enter the garden  of bliss?[38]
39.  *     By no means! Surely, We have created them out of that what they  (unbelievers) know.[39]
40.  *     But nay! I swear by the Lord of the easts and the wests, that  We have the power[40]
41.  *     to destroy them and replace them with others better than  them, and nothing can hinder Us from doing so.[41]
42.  *     Therefore, leave them to plunge  in vain talk and blunder about until they face that Day of theirs which they are being  promised.[42]
43.  *     The Day when they shall rush forward from their graves, as if they  were racing towards a goal, with downcast eyes and countenances distorted with  shame.[43]
44.  *     Such will be the Day, which they are being promised.[44]