quran/tlt - transliteration, no frills

Peace be with you!

We have prepared a new "no frills" Latin transliteration of the Quran, quran/tlt.  It maps Arabic letters to Latin (ASCII/English) characters, and does not include additional vowels or punctuation.  We hope you find it easy to read.  You can use quiki to view it.

quran/tlt is generated from the unicode quran/arabic files.  Our transliteration program can map Arabic text to Latin characters and back - one character to one character - without losing information.

Here is the Arabic / Latin mapping used by quran/tlt:

اa  أA  بb  ة+  تt  ثx  جj  حH  خK  دd  ذX  
رr  زz  سs  ش$  صS  ضD  طT  ظZ  ع`  غG  فf  
قq  كk  لl  مm  نn  هh  وw  ؤW  يy  ىi  ئY  
ء'  ٠0  ١1  ٢2  ٣3  ٤4  ٥5  ٦6  ٧7  ٨8  ٩9  
ـ_  ٛ?  إI  ،,  ْ.  ّ"  آ@  

Some of the last few characters occur only very rarely in the unicode Quran that I have, so I think they indicate errors in the encoding.  We hope to fix these problems soon, insha Allah.  My knowledge of Arabic is very small.  If you can suggest a way to improve the transliteration, please let us know by sending email to sam@nipl.net.