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1.  *     Alif L'am Ra. These are the verses of the Divine Book, the Glorious Qur’an which  makes the things clear.[1]
2.  *     The Day will come when the unbelievers will wish that they were Muslims.[2]
3.  *     Leave  them alone to eat and enjoy themselves and be deluded by false hopes, for soon  they will find out the Truth.[3]
4.  *     Never did We destroy a town whose term of life was  not ordained beforehand.[4]
5.  *     No people can forestall their doom, nor can they  postpone it.[5]
6.  *     They say: "O you to whom the reminder (The Qur'an) is being  revealed! You are surely insane.[6]
7.  *     Why don’t you bring us the angels, if you are of  the truthful ones?"[7]
8.  *     O Muhammad, tell them: "We do not send down the angels  except for just cause (to execute Our scourge), and when they come, people are not  given respite.[8]
9.  *     Surely We have revealed this reminder (The Qur'an); and We will  surely preserve it Ourself.[9]
10.  *     Certainly We sent Messengers before you among the  early nations;[10]
11.  *     but whenever a Messenger came to them, they mocked him.[11]
12.  *     Thus do We let doubt creep into the hearts of the criminals;[12]
13.  *     that they do not  believe in it (The Qur'an), despite the examples of the people who passed before  them.[13]
14.  *     Even if we had opened a gate in Heaven and they ascend through it and  keep on ascending,[14]
15.  *     still they would have said, 'Our eyes have been dazzled;  rather we have been bewitched.'"[15]
16.  *     It is We who have decked the heavens with constellations and made them fair- seeming for the beholders;[16]
17.  *     and We have guarded them from every accursed  Satan.[17]
18.  *     Any Satan that steals a hearing, there follows him a fiery comet.[18]
19.  *     We  have spread out the earth and set mountains upon it; and caused to grow every  suitable thing therein,[19]
20.  *     and We provided therein means of sustenance for you and  many other creatures to whom you do not provide.[20]
21.  *     There is nothing which is not  in Our inexhaustible treasure and sent down in appropriate measure.[21]
22.  *     We send  the fertilizing winds and send down water from the sky for you to drink; it is not you  who hold the storage of this wealth.[22]
23.  *     Certainly it is We who give life and cause to  die, and We are the inheritors of all.[23]
24.  *     Certainly We have full knowledge of those  who have gone before you and certainly We know those who will come later.[24]
25.  *     Surely your Lord will gather them together; surely He is Wise, Knowledgeable.[25]
26.  *     We created man from sounding clay, black mud moulded into shape;[26]
27.  *     while  before him We had created Jinn from smokeless fire.[27]
28.  *     Remember when your Lord  said to the angels: "I am about to create a man from sounding clay, black mud  moulded into shape;[28]
29.  *     when I complete his moulding and breath into him of My  spirit, kneel down and prostrate before him."[29]
30.  *     Accordingly the angels prostrated  altogether,[30]
31.  *     except Iblees (The Satan); he refused to join those who  prostrated.[31]
32.  *     Allah asked: "O Iblees! What is the matter with you that you did not  join those who prostrated?"[32]
33.  *     He replied: "It does not behoove me to prostrate  myself to this man whom You have created from sounding clay, black mud moulded  into shape."[33]
34.  *     Allah said: "Get out of here, you are accursed.[34]
35.  *     The curse will  remain on you till the Day of Judgement."[35]
36.  *     At this Iblees requested: "Lord! Give  me respite till the Day of Resurrection."[36]
37.  *     Allah said: "All right! You are given the  respite[37]
38.  *     till the Day of appointed time."[38]
39.  *     Iblees said: "Lord! Since You let me go  astray, I will make evil fair-seeming to them on earth and I will seduce them all[39]
40.  *     except those of them who are Your sincere devotees."[40]
41.  *     Allah said: "This course of  action is all right with Me[41]
42.  *     - you will not have any authority over My devotees  except those misguided ones who follow you.[42]
43.  *     They will be all destined for  Hell,[43]
44.  *     which has seven gates, each gate will be assigned to a separate group from  among them."[44]
45.  *     The righteous will be in the midst of the gardens and fountains of paradise[45]
46.  *     and it  will be said to them: "Enter into these in peace and security."[46]
47.  *     We shall remove all  hatred from their hearts -they will become like brothers and sit on couches face to  face.[47]
48.  *     No fatigue will touch them in there, nor will they ever be asked to leave.[48]
49.  *     O Prophet! Tell My devotees that I am indeed the Forgiving, the Merciful;[49]
50.  *     but at  the same time My punishment is also the most painful punishment.[50]
51.  *     Tell them about the guests of Abraham.[51]
52.  *     They entered upon them and said:  "Peace be upon you!" But he replied: "Surely we are afraid of you."[52]
53.  *     They  answered: "Do not be afraid of us! We have come to you with good news of a son  endowed with knowledge."[53]
54.  *     He said: "Are you giving me the good news of a son  when I have become old? What kind of good news you are giving?"[54]
55.  *     They replied:  "We are giving you true good news; you should not be of those who despair."[55]
56.  *     He  said: "Who would despair of the mercy of his Lord except one who goes astray?"[56]
57.  *     Then he asked: "On what expedition you have been sent, O emissaries of  Allah?"[57]
58.  *     They replied: "We have been sent to punish a criminal nation,[58]
59.  *     with  the exception of Lot’s (Lot's) family; we will certainly rescue them all[59]
60.  *     except his  wife, who, Allah says, has been destined to remain with those who will stay  behind."[60]
61.  *     So when the emissaries came to the family of Lot,[61]
62.  *     he said: " You appear to be  strangers."[62]
63.  *     They said: "We have come to you with that concerning which these  people had doubts.[63]
64.  *     We have come to you with the Truth of Allah’s decree and we  are telling you the truth.[64]
65.  *     You should, therefore, depart with your family during the  last hours of the night and you yourself should follow them at their rear; let no one of  you look back, keep on going where you are commanded to go."[65]
66.  *     We informed  him about this decree of Ours that the roots of the sinners of his city would be cut off  by the morning.[66]
67.  *     The people of the town came rejoicing to the house of Lot when  they heard the news of those two young male visitors.[67]
68.  *     Lot said: "They are my  guests, so do not disgrace me.[68]
69.  *     Have fear of Allah and do not put me to  shame."[69]
70.  *     They said: "Have we not forbidden you to plead for the rest of the  world?"[70]
71.  *     He said: "Here are my daughters, if you must act."[71]
72.  *     By your life, O  Prophet Muhammad, they were madly blundering in their intoxication of lust![72]
73.  *     So  the mighty blast overtook them at sunrise.[73]
74.  *     Thus We turned the town upside down  and rained down on them brimstones of baked clay.[74]
75.  *     Surely there are major  lessons in this for those who investigate,[75]
76.  *     and this smitten town still lies right on  the permanent highway on which the unbelievers travel during their business  trips.[76]
77.  *     Indeed there is a sign in this for the true believers.[77]
78.  *     The people of Al- Aikah (the nation of Prophet Shu’aib) were also wrongdoers.[78]
79.  *     So We inflicted  retribution on them. The ruined towns of these two nations are lying on an open  road.[79]
80.  *     The people of Hijr also denied their Messenger.[80]
81.  *     We gave them Our signs, but  they ignored them.[81]
82.  *     They hewed their homes in the mountains for safety.[82]
83.  *     But  the mighty blast seized them one morning, and all their labor of building their homes  through carving the rocks did not avail them.[83]
84.  *     We have not created the Heavens  and the Earth, and all that lies between them but to manifest the Truth.[84]
85.  *     The Hour  of Doom is sure to come, so overlook their misbehavior in a gracious manner.[85]
86.  *     Surely your Lord is the All-Knowing Creator.[86]
87.  *     We have given you the Seven Verses that are worthy of recitation over and over  again (Surah Al-Fatiha) and the Glorious Qur'an.[87]
88.  *     Do not look at the worldly  wealth which We have given to different people among them, nor grieve at their  condition. Leave them alone, attend to the believers in kindness,[88]
89.  *     and tell the  unbelievers: "Surely I am only a plain Warner."[89]
90.  *     This warning is like the warning  which We sent down to the schismatics,[90]
91.  *     the one who divided their Qur’an into  separate parts, believing in some and denying others.[91]
92.  *     So by your Lord! We will  question them all[92]
93.  *     about their doings.[93]
94.  *     Therefore, proclaim publicly what you  are commanded and turn away from the pagans.[94]
95.  *     Surely We Ourself will suffice  you against the scoffers;[95]
96.  *     those who place other deities alongside Allah, will soon  come to know their folly.[96]
97.  *     We know that your heart is distressed by what they say  against you.[97]
98.  *     The cure of your heart’s distress is that you should celebrate the  praises of your Lord and be of those who prostrate themselves before Him,[98]
99.  *     and  worship your Lord until there comes to you which is certain (death).[99]