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1.  *     - Dialogue between the followers and the leaders who mislead them.  37 AS-SAFFAT - IN RANKS  In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful.  By those who range themselves in ranks[1]
2.  *     and by those who cast out demons,[2]
3.  *     and by those who proclaim the message [3]
4.  *     : surely your God is One,[4]
5.  *     the Lord of  the heavens and of the earth and all that lies between them, and the Lord of the  easts.[5]
6.  *     We have indeed decked the worldly heaven with beautiful stars[6]
7.  *     and have  secured it against all obstinate rebellious Satans.[7]
8.  *     They cannot even hear the  words of the exalted assembly of angels and they are darted at from every side[8]
9.  *     they are repulsed and are under a constant chastisement.[9]
10.  *     Eavesdroppers are  persuaded by a flaming fire of piercing brightness.[10]
11.  *     Ask them: "What is more  difficult - their creation or the rest of Our creation? - Them We have created out of a  sticky clay.[11]
12.  *     You marvel at the wonders of Allahís creation, while they ridicule at it.[12]
13.  *     When they  are admonished, they pay no heed,[13]
14.  *     and when they see a sign, they mock at  it[14]
15.  *     and say: "This is nothing but plain sorcery.[15]
16.  *     What! When we are dead and  have become dust and bones, shall we be raised to life again[16]
17.  *     - we and also our  forefathers of the ancient time?"[17]
18.  *     Tell them: "Yes and you shall be held up to  shame."[18]
19.  *     It will be just a single cry, and they will see it all with their own eyes.[19]
20.  *     Ah, woe to us! They shall exclaim, "this is the Day of Judgement!"[20]
21.  *     It will be said:  "Yes, this is the same Day of Judgement which you used to deny."[21]
22.  *     It will be commanded: "Gather all the wrongdoers, their spouses and those whom  they used to worship[22]
23.  *     besides Allah and show them the way to hell.[23]
24.  *     When  they will all be gathered and angels will start pushing them towards hell, Allah shall  say: "Stop for a while, they have to be questioned:[24]
25.  *     What is the matter with you  today that you do not help each other?[25]
26.  *     Nay! On that Day they shall all be  submissive.[26]
27.  *     Some of them will step forward to question one another.[27]
28.  *     The  followers will say to their leaders: "It was you who used to come at us from the right  hand and forced us towards the wrong way."[28]
29.  *     They will reply: "Nay! But it was you  who had no faith.[29]
30.  *     We had no power over you, the fact is that you were an  inordinate people;[30]
31.  *     true is the verdict which Our Lord has passed upon us, we  shall indeed taste the punishment of our sins:[31]
32.  *     We misled you, for we ourselves  were astray."[32]
33.  *     So on that Day they shall all be partners in the punishment.[33]
34.  *     Thus, shall We deal with the criminals;[34]
35.  *     for when they were told: "There is no god  except Allah," they used to puff themselves up with pride[35]
36.  *     and say: "What! Should  we give up our gods for the sake of a mad poet?"[36]
37.  *     Whereas he had come with the  truth and had confirmed the message of prior Messengers.[36]
38.  *     Then it will be said:  "You are surely going to taste the painful punishment:[38]
39.  *     and this reward is nothing  except what you had done.[39]
40.  *     But the sincere devotees of Allah[40]
41.  *     shall have familiar sustenance[41]
42.  *     - fruits, and  shall be honored[42]
43.  *     in the gardens of delight.[43]
44.  *     Reclining face to face upon soft  couches,[44]
45.  *     they shall be served with goblets filled at a fountain of wine,[45]
46.  *     a  crystal-white drink, delicious to those who drink it.[46]
47.  *     It will neither dull their senses  nor they will become drunk.[47]
48.  *     And beside them there will be bashful, dark big  beautiful-eyed virgins,[48]
49.  *     as if they were delicate eggs closely guarded.[49]
50.  *     Some of  them will be asking questions to others.[50]
51.  *     One of them will say: "I had a friend[51]
52.  *     who used to ask: ĎAre you really of those who affirm (the message of Islam)?[52]
53.  *     When we are dead and turned to dust and bones, shall we ever be brought to  judgement?í"[53]
54.  *     It will be said: "Would you like to see him?"[54]
55.  *     He will look down  and see his friend in the midst of hellfire.[55]
56.  *     Then he will say: "By Allah! You had  almost ruined me.[56]
57.  *     Had it not been for the grace of my Lord, I should certainly  have been among those who are brought there.[57]
58.  *     Is it not so that we shall not  die[58]
59.  *     after our first death and that we shall not be chastised?"[59]
60.  *     Most surely it is  a mighty achievement.[60]
61.  *     For such an end, let every one strive who wishes to  strive.[61]
62.  *     Is this a better entertainment or the tree of Zaqqum?[62]
63.  *     Surely We have made this  tree a trial for the wrongdoers.[63]
64.  *     Surely it is a tree that grows in the bottom of the  hellfire,[64]
65.  *     bearing fruits as if they were heads of Satans,[65]
66.  *     on it they shall feed  and with it they shall fill their bellies.[66]
67.  *     Then on top of that, they will be given a  concoction made from boiling water.[67]
68.  *     Then to hellfire they shall be returned.[68]
69.  *     In  fact, they found their fathers on the wrong path,[69]
70.  *     and they are eagerly following  their footsteps.[70]
71.  *     Most of the ancients went astray before them,[71]
72.  *     though We had  sent Warners to them.[72]
73.  *     See what was the end of those who had been forewarned:  they all perished,[73]
74.  *     except the sincere devotees of Allah.[74]
75.  *     Noah prayed to Us; see how excellent was Our response to his prayer![75]
76.  *     We  delivered him and his people from the mighty distress,[76]
77.  *     and made his progeny to  be the only survivors,[77]
78.  *     and We left his good name among the later  generations.[78]
79.  *     SaLotation to Noah among the people of the worlds.[79]
80.  *     Thus do  We reward the righteous.[80]
81.  *     Surely he was one of Our believing devotees.[81]
82.  *     Then  the rest We drowned in the great flood.[82]
83.  *     Surely Abraham belonged to the first group,[83]
84.  *     when he came to his Lord with a  pure heart.[84]
85.  *     Behold, he said to his father and to his people: "What are these that  you worship?[85]
86.  *     Would you serve false gods instead of Allah?[86]
87.  *     What is your idea  about the Lord of the worlds?"[87]
88.  *     Then he looked at the stars one time[88]
89.  *     and said  "I am feeling sick."[89]
90.  *     So his people left him behind and went away to their national  fair.[90]
91.  *     He sneaked into the temple of their gods and addressed them: "Why donít  you eat from these offerings before you?[91]
92.  *     What is the matter with you that you  donít even speak?"[92]
93.  *     Then he fell upon them, smiting them with his right hand.[93]
94.  *     The people came running to the scene.[94]
95.  *     Would you worship that which you have  carved with your own hands, he said,[95]
96.  *     when Allah is the One Who created you  and that which you have made?[96]
97.  *     They said to one another: "Prepare for him a  furnace and throw him into the blazing flames."[97]
98.  *     Thus did they scheme against  him: but We humiliated them in their scheme.[98]
99.  *     Abraham said: "I am going to take refuge with my Lord, He will surely guide me.[99]
100.  *     O Lord! Grant me a righteous son."[100]
101.  *     So We gave him the good news of a gentle  son.[101]
102.  *     When he reached the age to work with him, Abraham said to him: "O my  son! I have seen a vision that I should offer you as a sacrifice, now tell me what is  your view." He replied: "O my father! Do as you are commanded: you will find me, if  Allah so wills, of the patient."[102]
103.  *     And when they both submitted to Allah and  Abraham laid down his son prostrate upon his forehead for sacrifice;[103]
104.  *     We called  out to him: "O Abraham stop![104]
105.  *     You have fulfilled your vision." Thus do We  reward the righteous.[105]
106.  *     That was indeed a manifest test.[106]
107.  *     We ransomed his  son for a great sacrifice[107]
108.  *     and We left his good name among the later  generations.[108]
109.  *     SaLotation to Abraham.[109]
110.  *     Thus We reward the righteous.[110]
111.  *     Surely he was one of Our believing devotees.[111]
112.  *     We gave him the good news of  Isaac - a prophet - one of the righteous.[112]
113.  *     We blessed him and Isaac both.  Among their progeny there are some who are righteous and some who are clearly  doing wrong to their own souls.[113]
114.  *     We bestowed Our favor on Moses and Haroon.[114]
115.  *     We delivered them with all their  people from the mighty distress.[115]
116.  *     We helped them so they became  victorious.[116]
117.  *     We gave them the Glorious Book (Torah),[117]
118.  *     and guided them  both to the Right Way.[118]
119.  *     We left their good names among the later  generations.[119]
120.  *     SaLotation to Moses and Haroon.[120]
121.  *     Thus do We reward the  righteous.[121]
122.  *     Surely they were two of Our believing devotees.[122]
123.  *     Ilyas (Elias) was surely one of Our Messengers.[123]
124.  *     Behold, he said to his people:  "Have you no fear of Allah?[124]
125.  *     Would you invoke Bal (their invented god) and  forsake the best of the Creators[125]
126.  *     - Allah - Who is your Lord and the Lord of your  forefathers?"[126]
127.  *     But they denied him, so they will certainly be called to  account,[127]
128.  *     with the exception of sincere devotees of Allah.[128]
129.  *     We left his good  name among the later generations.[129]
130.  *     SaLotation to Ilyas.[130]
131.  *     Thus do We  reward the righteous.[131]
132.  *     He was surely one of Our believing devotees.[132]
133.  *     Lot was one of Our Messengers.[133]
134.  *     Behold, We delivered him and his whole  family[134]
135.  *     except an old woman who was among those who remained behind,[135]
136.  *     and We destroyed the others.[136]
137.  *     Surely you pass by their ruins by day[137]
138.  *     and by  night. Will you not use your common sense?[138]
139.  *     Jonah was surely one of Our Messengers.[139]
140.  *     When he ran to the laden ship,[140]
141.  *     took part in casting of lots, and was condemned.[141]
142.  *     A whale swallowed him for he  had become blameworthy.[142]
143.  *     Had he not repented and became of those who  glorify Allah,[143]
144.  *     he would certainly have remained inside its belly till the Day of  Resurrection.[144]
145.  *     Then We cast him upon a desolate shore in a state of serious  illness[145]
146.  *     and caused a gourd plant to grow over him.[146]
147.  *     Then We sent him to a  nation of one hundred thousand people or more.[147]
148.  *     They believed in him, so We  permitted them to enjoy their life for a while.[148]
149.  *     Just ask the unbelievers: Does it make any sense that their Lord should have  daughters while they choose to have sons?[149]
150.  *     Or is it that We created the angels  as females and they were present at their creation?[150]
151.  *     Surely they invent a lie  when they say: [151]
152.  *     Allah has children. They are utter liars.[152]
153.  *     Would He  choose daughters rather than sons?[153]
154.  *     What is the matter with you? How do you  judge?[154]
155.  *     Will you not take heed?[155]
156.  *     Or do you have any proof of what you are  saying?[156]
157.  *     Show us your scriptures if you are truthful![157]
158.  *     They assert blood- relationship between Him and the jinns; and the jinns know quite well that they will be  called to account.[158]
159.  *     Glory be to Allah! He is free from what they ascribe to  Him[159]
160.  *     except His sincere devotees who do not attribute such things to Him.[160]
161.  *     Therefore neither you nor those whom you worship[161]
162.  *     can deceive anyone about  Allah[162]
163.  *     except him who is destined for hell.[163]
164.  *     The angels in fact say: "We each  have our appointed place.[164]
165.  *     We range ourselves in ranks for His service[165]
166.  *     and  we are surely those who declare His glory."[166]
167.  *     Before this, the same disbelievers used to say:[167]
168.  *     If we had received a reminder which the earlier people had received,[168]
169.  *     We certainly would have been sincere  devotees of Allah.[169]
170.  *     But now that the Qurían has come, they reject it: but soon  they will find out the consequences of this attitude.[170]
171.  *     We have already promised  Our servants whom We sent as Messengers[171]
172.  *     that they would certainly be  helped,[172]
173.  *     and that Our forces will surely be victorious.[173]
174.  *     So give no heed to  them for a while;[174]
175.  *     you will see their downfall as they shall see your victory.[175]
176.  *     Do they wish to hurry on Our punishment?[176]
177.  *     But dreadful will be that morning,  when it will descend in the courtyards of those who have been forewarned.[177]
178.  *     So  pay no heed to them for a while.[178]
179.  *     You will surely see their downfall as they shall  see your victory.[179]
180.  *     Glory be to your Lord, the Lord of Honor, He is free from what  they ascribe to Him![180]
181.  *     Peace be on the Messengers,[181]
182.  *     and praise be to Allah,  the Lord of the Worlds.[182]