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1.  *     81 AT-TAKWIR - EXTINGUISHED  In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful.,  When the sun will cease to shine;[1]
2.  *     when the stars will loose their luster;[2]
3.  *     when  the mountains will be blown away;[3]
4.  *     when the ten-month pregnant she-camels will  be left unattended;[4]
5.  *     when the wild beasts will be brought together;[5]
6.  *     when the  oceans will be set ablaze;[6]
7.  *     when the souls will be reunited with the bodies;[7]
8.  *     when  the infant girls buried alive (here reference is made to the Pre-Islamic Arab custom of  burying new born girls alive) will be questioned[8]
9.  *     for what sin she was killed;[9]
10.  *     when the record will be laid open;[10]
11.  *     when the heaven will be stripped bare;[11]
12.  *     when hell will be set to blaze,[12]
13.  *     and when the paradise will be brought near:[13]
14.  *     then each soul shall know what it has bought with it.[14]
15.  *     But no! I swear by the retreating stars;[15]
16.  *     that run their course and hide;[16]
17.  *     by the  night as it dissipates;[17]
18.  *     by the morning when it breaths again:[18]
19.  *     surely this word  (The Qur’an) is brought by a noble Messenger (Gabriel),[19]
20.  *     possessor of mighty  power, having very high rank with the Owner of the Throne (Allah),[20]
21.  *     who is  obeyed in heaven, and is trustworthy.[21]
22.  *     O people of Mecca! Your companion has  not gone mad;[22]
23.  *     he (Muhammad) indeed saw him (Gabriel) in the clear horizon[23]
24.  *     and he is not stingy to withhold the knowledge of the unseen.[24]
25.  *     This (Qur’an) is not  the word of an accursed Satan.[25]
26.  *     Where then are you going?[26]
27.  *     This is but a  Message to all the people of the world,[27]
28.  *     to each one who wishes to follow the  Right Way.[28]
29.  *     Yet your wishes are of no avail unless Allah, the Lord of the worlds,  pleases so.[29]