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1.  *     Those who are unbelievers from among the people of the Book and from the Pagans  were not going to desist from their unbelief until the clear proof came to them,[1]
2.  *     that  is, a Messenger of Allah reciting to them holy scriptures from purified pages[2]
3.  *     containing infallible books.[3]
4.  *     Those who were given the Book before this (Qur’an)  did not divide into sects until after there came to them a clear proof.[4]
5.  *     Yet they were  commanded nothing but to worship Allah, with their sincere devotion to Him, being  True in their faith; to establish Salah ( prayers); and to pay Zakah (compulsory  charity); and that is the infallible true Religion.[5]
6.  *     Surely those who disbelieve from  among the people of the Book and the Pagans shall be in fire of hell, to dwell therein  forever. They are the worst of all creatures.[6]
7.  *     Surely those who believe and do good  deeds, are the best of all creatures.[7]
8.  *     Their reward with their Lord shall be the  gardens of Eden, beneath which rivers flow, to dwell therein forever. Allah shall be  well pleased with them and they shall be well pleased with Him. That is for him who  fears his Lord.[8]