the Scripture

Peace be with you!

You can study the Bible and Quran with our scripture viewer, quiki.  Quiki is now "download friendly", you can download pages for offline use.

Here also is the Bhagavad Gita in only 24 pages or 12 leaves (PDF), for printing at home. Here it is in doc and odt formats, with the same layout.

To view a certain custom set of translations / texts side by side in Quiki, for now you need to edit the base URL directly, listing the translations needed separated by commas (no spaces)! I hope it should be clear enough how to do this from the examples.

Here are the machine-readable, plain-text Bible and Quran.  Every chapter or surah has its own file, and each verse is a single line.  There are many texts and translations.

We have prepared a new "no frills" latin transliteration of the Quran, quran/tlt.  It maps Arabic letters to Latin characters, and does not include additional vowels or punctuation.  We hope you find it easy to read.  You can use quiki to view it.  Here is more about quran/tlt.

We are collecting a list of links to resources.  Please contact Sam by sending email to if you can tell us about other resources, or to find out more about this project.


approx 1,000 sacred texts of many religions, a great resource

Al-kitab — the Bible the Quran together

the Bhagavad Gita

The American/International Gita Society's modern translation

The Bhagavad Gita As It Is

The Bhagavad Gita - The Divine Song of God

the Bible

Jefferson's Bible, in 20 pages for printing

the King James Version

the World English Bible

the SEV bible

the Revised Standard Version, including the "Apocrypha"

Several Christian bible texts and translations, and the apocrypha

Jewish sacred texts

The CrossWire Bible Society - bible study software

the Quran, with eleven translations in a uniform format. The stars on Quiki Quran pages link here.

Three translations: Yusuf Ali, Pickthal, Shakir, with introductions by Maudidi.

Rashad Khalifa's translation

Six translations together: Khalifa, Yusuf Ali, Pickthal, Shakir, Sher Ali, Progressive Muslims

the Quran Explained, by Dr Shabbir Ahmed.

Progressive Muslims, the Message

SEV Quran

Yusuf Ali


a transliteration of the Quran to the Latin alphabet

The Arabic Quran, three translations (Yusuf Ali, Palmer, Pickthall) and a transliteration

Pray in privacy: apps for Muslims that respect your personal data