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1.  *     By the morning,[1]
2.  *     and the ten nights (first ten days of Dhul-Hijja),[2]
3.  *     the even and  the odd,[3]
4.  *     and the night when it departs![4]
5.  *     Is there not in these an oath (enough  evidence) for those who use their common sense?[5]
6.  *     Have you not seen how your  Lord dealt with ĎAd?[6]
7.  *     The residents of Iram, the city of lofty pillars,[7]
8.  *     the like of  which had never been built in other cities.[8]
9.  *     And with the people of Thamud who  hewed out their dwellings in the rocks of the valley?[9]
10.  *     And with Pharaoh the owner  of stakes?[10]
11.  *     They all transgressed beyond bounds in their cities,[11]
12.  *     and  committed great mischief therein.[12]
13.  *     Therefore, your Lord let loose on them His  scourge of torment.[13]
14.  *     Surely your Lord is ever watchful.[14]
15.  *     As for man, when his Lord tries him through giving him honor and blessings, he says:  "My Lord is bountiful to me."[15]
16.  *     But when He tries him through restricting his  subsistence, he says: "My Lord has humiliated me."[16]
17.  *     Nay! But you did not show  kindness to the orphan,[17]
18.  *     nor did you encourage each other in feeding the  poor.[18]
19.  *     Greedily you lay your hands on the inheritance of the weak,[19]
20.  *     and you  love wealth with all your hearts.[20]
21.  *     Nay! You should know, when the earth will be pounded to powder,[21]
22.  *     your Lord will  come, with angels standing in ranks,[22]
23.  *     hell shall be brought in sight. On that Day  man will remember his deeds, but how is that remembrance going to profit him?[23]
24.  *     He will say: "Alas! Would that I had sent forth some good deeds for this life of  mine."[24]
25.  *     None can punish as Allah will punish on that Day,[25]
26.  *     and none can bind  as He will bind.[26]
27.  *     To the righteous soul it will be said: "O fully satisfied soul![27]
28.  *     Return to your Lord, well pleased with Him and well-pleasing to Him.[28]
29.  *     Join My  servants,[29]
30.  *     and enter My paradise."[30]